CMES Is based on Dr. Maria Montessori Method of Education. Our montessori curriculum comprises of following broad areas.


Essentially its about understanding relationships in the environment and being able to express them in mathematical terms. The material like number rods, golden beads, spindle boxes are simple and provide step-by-step learning.

They are also Self-Correcting, which means the children can see at a glance if they have made a mistake and can put it right without a teachers help. This enables them to progress at their own pace and understand each stage thoroughly before they move to the next step.

Exercise of Practical Life

These activities develop basic personal and social skills used in daily living, like dressing one self, cleaning and being polite.

Exercises of Practical Life are those simply daily activities, which the adult carries out in his environment in order to restore and maintain proper conditions.


The Sensorial activities serve to enhance and enlarge the childs sense perceptions of the world. Apparatus especially designed for educating the senses offers the child a key to guide his exploration of the world


  An introduction to montessori materials
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Montessori language materials are based on carefully structured phonic approach to writing and reading. The child is at the peak of sensitive period for language at 21/2 years and that is the time he comes to the Montessori school; the directress through conversation builds a rapport with the child. This helps him to adopt himself to the environment, gain confidence; the child is able to express himself easily due to enrichment of vocabulary and fluency in spoken language.


All the Modern educationist and physiologists realize that the child has great urge to acquire knowledge of all cultural subject. hence, the introduction during absorbent mind i.e. birth to six years is imperative. Culture means refinement of ones body, mind, intelligence, soul and spirit.