Parents are requested to come when they are called to discuss the problems over the studies of their kids, which will be informed prior to meeting or whenever parents need meeting with the principal.

Students must be regular in attendance.
All students are expected to come sharp on school timings
Students must come to school in proper and tidy school uniform.
Repeated or prolonged absence for 10 consecutive days without leave application may result in dropping a student from the roll.
Punctuality and regular attendance are insisted upon. Leave of Absence shall be granted for serious reasons or illness on receipt of application along with medical certificate.
Written permission
Parents are reminded that the school gates are closed at a specified time each morning after which students will not be permitted to enter. Written permission is also required for a student to leave school during school timings.
Friends and relatives are neither permitted to contact students at school nor they are permitted to accompany students outside the school premises. In case of need arise for a student to be picked up by a relative or a friend, the principal must be notified well in advance of such arrangement by the parents / Guardians in written.
The students will be held responsible for any kind of damage to the school property and equipment.
The decision of the principal in all matters of the school shall be final under all circumstances.

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