Rules FAQs
  1. Fees are due on the 1st of every month. The 10th is the last date for the payment of the fee. Fine is levied at RS. 500 /- up-to the 20th. If the dues are not paid by the 20th, the name of the defaulter is liable to be removed from the school rolls.
  2. Non-payment of school dues on due dates, debars a pupil from monthly semester and final examination and receiving monthly report.
  3. Students applying for admission from class 1 upwards should produce a leaving certificate from the last school.
  4. The principal reserves the right for admission, discharge, promotion and punishment of the students in the school in all these matters, his decision and order shall be final.
  5. Unhealthy and over-aged children will not be admitted into the school.
  6. One calendar months notice in writing is needed for withdrawal of a pupil from the school, or in lieu thereof one months fee must be paid.
  7. No Leaving certificate shall be granted till all the school fees and other dues are paid.
  8. Name of the student will be struck off the roll if he is absent from the school for one calendar month without a notice.
  9. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, or any other bad behavior justifies discharge of a student.
  10. Any kind of damage to premises and property of the school will have to be made good.
  11. Student not be permitted to enter the school if they are found suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.
  12. The school shall not responsible for accidents to student before and after the school hours.
  13. The school shall not be responsible for the articles of students mislaid, misplaced or lost. Students must look after their own property.
  14. The Management of the school does not encourage teachers to give tuitions particularly to pupils or their own classes, nor do they encourage engaging of private tutors by the parents / guardians.
  15. Parents should consult the management and obtain permission from the principal to engage a tutor for their children.
  16. Giving gifts or invitations to staff without the permission of the principal is strictly forbidden.
  17. Punctuality and daily attendance are insisted upon all. Leave of absence through illness or other reason should be certified by the parents / guardians.