Salient Features
"Many of things we need we can wait. The Child cannot wait. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made and his senses are being developed. To him, we cannot answer tomorrow. HIS NAME IS TODAY..."
  • The Newly constructed school building provides conducive environment and all round education for students.
  • Spacious, Fully Air-Conditioned and fully carpeted classrooms and prepared environment for Montessori students.
  • Air-Conditioned Computer Lab, Science Lab and Library.
  • Compulsory participation in sports and stage performance and extra-curricular activities.
  • Activity based teaching Methodology.
  • Committed, Co-operative, Responsive and Responsible team of faculty and staff member.
  • Monthly Teacher-Parent Meetings.

Please take a tour of the campus by viewing the following video
(c) By Bree Van Nes
A Montessori class is like no other,
Calm and peaceful, neutral in color
Amazing materials to challenge the mind,
And countless opportunities to grow and to shine,

A harmonious tone, where grace and courtesy are seen,
Children helping, children learning, exploring why leaves are green,
A joyous community where independence abounds,
Learning through the senses, sandpaper letters to learn the sounds
Learning about the continents, working with landforms too,
Learning the parts of an insect, persevering to tie your shoe,
Pushing in your chair, rolling up your mat,
Using the Moveable Alphabet to spell the word, c-a-t
An environment where children work at their own pace,
Discovering, exploring, no pressure to win the race,
A philosophy that helps children be all they can be,
Guiding their learning by following their lead,

Intrinsically motivated,
Independent too,
The power of the absorbent mind
Soaking up knowledge through and through

Maria Montessori is one of a kind,
An acute observer, an intelligent mind
She believed in following the child’s lead,
And giving children the tools to help those in need

A Montessori class is like no other
And a teacher I’m proud to be
A role model, a facilitator, a nurturer, a friend,
Guiding them on a journey that I hope will never end

I feel so proud, so honored and blessed
To help each child achieve their best
To instill in them a love for life,
A passion for learning and a zest for life