Special Programs

The work of our Specialists is a vibrant component of our Elementary and Middle School Programs. Lead by a cadre of experts in their individual fields, our specialists are passionate about the importance of learning as a lifetime habit of curiosity, observation, and thought. Our specialists are available to Elementary and Middle School students in the areas described below:   



Creative work is woven into all aspects of classroom life. The emphasis is not on "self-expression" but on "self-realization". We enrich the environments with fine painting and good music, visiting artists and special programs.  Elementary and Middle School students undertake a formalized study and engage in larger projects in the area of the Fine Arts. This includes working with our Art Specialist, sophisticated exposure to art history and a variety of media (paint, clay, paper, textiles and color).


Music and Performing Arts

The goal of the music and drama programs at The Montessori School is to give children an awareness of and an opportunity to participate in the joy, poignancy, the depth of expression and the community experience these arts can provide. The basic tools of music and drama, including technical skills and cultural and historical references are part of all levels of our program.

All Elementary and Middle School students are part of our Montessori Chorus which performs at several points during the year.  Music chosen reflects mostly the classical periods, with a mix of spirituals, jazz and Broadway selections and two, three and four part harmony is performed, depending on the age group.  The Drama program celebrates the development of confidence and focuses on performance skills including memorization, voice projection, blocking and physical and facial expression.  Students help with the various tasks of production such as collecting costumes, painting scenery, making props, creating programs, etc.


Physical Education 

Our Athletics program reflects Montessori’s understanding of movement as the basis of learning.  Self-respect, respect for competitors and good sportsmanship are included as goals of every aspect of the program as is the development of a well-rounded and ethical athlete. Students work together to be the best they can be as they refine skills and build strength, endurance, ability, speed and flexibility.


Foreign Language

Language is a central and rich part of each classroom life. With an array of languages spoken by families in our school, children “absorb” foreign language as part of their environment. Elementary students participate in more formalized study of French or Spanish and Latin and Middle School students continue with these languages and study Chinese as well. The emphasis begins with listening and speaking and progresses to reading and grammar study in later years. Poems, short stories, songs and cultural study is woven throughout the program.



The Montessori School holds the students’ relationship to the outdoors as an intrinsic part of our educational approach.  Outdoor work is based on Dr. Montessori’s vision for the extended classroom and the respect and responsibility inherent in meaningful encounters with the land and sea.

Gardening, composting and other elements of care of the outdoors are introduced at the earliest stages of our program.  At the Elementary and Middle School levels, the children’s experience with the outdoors grows through the added dimension of outdoor expeditions (camping trips, rites of passage and farther afield adventures)