Course Overview


Course of Study

The IME Diploma course is an intensive program designed to help students fully study the theory and practice of the Montessori approach of education.

Supervised Practical

The students will practice with the materials in a Montessori prepared environment. At these times students will be supervised and guided in the use of materials and encouraged to develop and practice the techniques by which they will present the various materials to children. They will also be asked to take responsibilities for the environment just as they would when they are with children

School observation and teaching practice

Students will be assigned to do internship for 8 weeks in Montessori prepared environment (Infant toddler / Pre-School / Elementary) in any Montessori school for observation and teaching practice During this time they will learn how to keep a record of observation and find opportunity to work directly with children under the supervision of trained Montessori teacher


The IME Diploma is awarded after a successful written and oral examination. The diploma is awarded by the Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi.


The course will run 6 days a week

Morning shift ……..  9 am to 12 pm 
Evening shift………. 2 pm to 5 pm

Becoming a Montessori Teacher

Teaching in a Montessori school is a wonderful opportunity. Providing an alternative to traditional education, Montessori classrooms are recognized around the world as dynamic medium, in which the teacher may grow as contributing member, fostering the potential of young minds, contributing to families and society.

If you have a vision of meaningful personal work,

"Becoming a Montessori Directress is a Perfect Career"