Elementary Diploma Program


Our mission is to provide children with the best possible Montessori elementary teachers who respect the child and can support each childs needs. The 6-9 child seeks and needs an introduction to and an overview of just about everything. The more the child undertakes, the more s/he learns. This is the Age for Cosmic Education. Children in Montessori settings who have been supported in their whole development have a good chance to arrive at adolescence with self-control, social and intellectual skills, and a positive view of human beings. This gives them a perspective that enables them to make intelligent choices about their behaviour, the way to face challenges, and their role and contribution in the future.

The goal of this Montessori Elementary Teacher Course is to provide a thorough understanding of The Secret of Childhood, to help them gain insights into the true nature of the child (6-9), to model the use of an impressive array of invaluable learning tools, and to demonstrate how respect for the childs "inner teacher" serves as the integrating principle for effective elementary education.

"In the Childrens House, the child is offered the world. In the Elementary, the scope of the childs self-education is unlimited - from the smallest particles in the atom to the Universe."

Maria Montessori    

Aims of the course

Our aim is to provide candidates opportunities and resources to gain the necessary knowledge and practical experience to pursue a career as authentic qualified Montessori elementary teachers. The demand for "Top class" authentic Montessori elementary teachers is continually growing. There is a strong demand everywhere.


Through the Montessori Elementary Education Course, candidates will:

  • Understand the principles underlying the Montessori Concept of Education for the children aged 6 to 9
  • Be confident and competent in the use of Montessori learning materials pertaining to this age group
  • Be proficient with classroom management.

Course level

The Montessori Elementary Teacher Education Course prepares the adult to accompany and guide young children from 6 through 9 years of age in a Montessori structured environment.

The course is designed for:

  • Offer candidates a high quality teacher education course that provides an in-depth study of the Montessori constructivist Concept of education relating to the second plane of development (6-9) of the child and the ways in which this concept can be implemented effectively
  • Introduce the elementary candidate teacher to the personalized teaching as it pertains to the child aged 6-9 years
  • Provide candidates with an optimal preparation to effectively direct children from 6 to 9 years of age using Montessoris elementary approach, materials and curriculum.

Course description

The SBTEs (Sindh Board of Technical Education) accredited Elementary Montessori Diploma Course includes lectures and essays on Montessori child psychology, the Montessori concept of education, demonstration and practice with the Montessori materials, sharing impressions of readings, and construction of hand-made materials for use in Elementary classrooms.

The Elementary curriculum includes study in the areas of biology, botany, geography, history, language and literacy, sciences, mathematics, music and creative arts. Cosmic education illustrates the long preparation of the earth coming to life, the unity of and harmony in all things, the impact of human beings on the environment, the interdependence with it, and the education for peace..

"The secret of good teaching is to regard the childs intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown to grow under the flaming heat of imagination."

Maria Montessori

Internship and teasching practice

Practical application in an approved Montessori learning environment under the guidance of an experienced Montessori certified teacher is required during this course.

This integral part of the Education Course consists of an Internship of 400 hours that includes 120 clock hours minimum of supervised teaching practice where the teacher candidate observes, assists and participates to the dynamic process of education of the host Montessori school. Independent study, projects, material making and research constitute the remaining 200 hours.

Theory Lectures

  • Goal of the Elementary Program
  • Environmental Design
  • Teaching the Montessori Way
  • Observation Record Keeping
  • Class-Room Management
  • Resources
  • Planes of Development
  • Research in Growth and Development
  • Putting the Montessori Method into practice
  • Information for new graduates seeking practical experiences
  • Learning disabilities and disorder in Children
  • Non verbal Learning Disability (NLD)

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Practical Albums

Album (1) Language

Parts of speech enriched lessons in reading, creative writing, Novel studies, spelling, Penmanship, Dictionary Skills and poetry. A Solid base is formed, leading to ease of integration with other subjects.

Album (2) Advanced Practical Life

Simple versions of adult practical life activities – cooking, gardening, sewing, and basic etiquette – evoke a respect for others, the community and self.

Album (3) Cosmic Education and peace

Montessori’s view of universal connection, especially the idea that the earth must be respected and preserved, leads to the cosmic task - to help our children become adults who strive to achieve a peaceful coexistence in a sustainable environment

Album (4) Botany

Plants are one of the key components that sustain animal life on earth. Topics covered: Five kingdoms, plant anatomy, physiology, geography, plant industries and horticulture

Album (5) Mathematics

The four operations build on skills learned in the pre-school. Also included: geometry, fractions, factors and multiples

Album (6) Zoology and Chemistry

  • Zoology
    Overview of the animal kingdom and each division, we also explore animal needs and how they are met.
  • Chemistry
    Basic atomic and molecular theory, elements, compounds & mixtures and states of matter are presented in easy to understand manner

Album (7) Art, Music and Parent Communication

A valuable resource – our world need to encourage creative problem solvers and craftspeople who strive for a harmonious balance between progress and beauty.

Parent communication provides ideas for developing policies that foster a strong bond between the parents and the school

Album (8) Science Experiments

90 step-by-steps teacher-friendly science experiments that the children will love to do!

Album (9) Geography

Physical and social geography of earth with special attention to the study of continents and countries

Album (10) five great lessons

The series of stories provide an imaginative view of the history of the earth and Man, backed by concrete lessons and science experiments. A perfect compliment to the history curriculum

Album (11) History

The history and five great lessons are fully integrated programs for a child to discover the wonder and scope of history and Man’s important place in the universe.

Album (12) Health, Nutrition and Physical Education

As part of the cosmic education, Maria Montessori believed that the healthy mind, body and spirit are the essential elements for success on the universal path of progress and development

Admission Open

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel - Socrates