Statement of Purpose and Aims

The Clifton Montessori Institute  is an organization committed:

  • To promote the highest standards in the education of children through teacher preparation as per the SBTE standards
  • To provide children with the best possible Montessori teachers who respect each child and can support each childs  needs, who apply the necessary tools to foster the childs growth and development while providing "hand-on" experiences that will encourage the child to develop a lifelong love and enthusiasm for discovery and learning
  • To prepare leaders who affirm and promote the essential goodness, dignity and freedom of all human beings;
  • To provide the teacher candidates with a thorough understanding on the "Secret of Childhood"
  • To help them gain insights into the true nature of  child development
  • To model the use of developmentally appropriate Montessori materials
  • To demonstrate how respect for the childs inner teacher  serves as the integrating principle for effective childhood education

Our purpose in providing education for teachers is:

  • To develop teacher candidates into competent Montessori teachers well versed in the philosophical theory and practical application of all aspects of Montessori teaching;
  • To uphold standards of excellence in meeting the educational needs of the people who are committed to fostering the interests of the child through the Montessoris philosophical and practical approach to education.

Aims of the courses

Our aim is to provide teacher candidates with opportunities and resources to gain the necessary knowledge and practical experience to pursue a career as "First Class" qualified Montessori teachers. The need for Montessori well trained teachers continues to grow all over the planet. Just convince yourself by consulting Montessori websites.

The Clifton Montessori Institute commitment is...

  • To keep Montessori philosophy and respect for children central to its purpose;
  • To provide an in-depth study of the Montessori constructive Concept of education; 
  • To provide an optimal preparation in the practical personalized ways in which this concept can be implemented effectively in early childhood and in elementary;
  • To provide high quality education for future Montessori teachers using Montessori’s approach, materials and curriculum;
  • To provide the teacher candidates with knowledge + practical skills relevant to the needs of the child;        
  • To provide a high quality Teacher Education for future Montessori teachers and support personal growth of every teacher candidate in order that every teacher candidate become an informed, sensitive, inspired and knowledgeable "first class" Montessori teacher

"Becoming a Montessori Directress is a Perfect Career"